A few words about Black Absinthe:

Drink 100 beers and smoke 1,000 cigarettes
— Austin Henderson

The Augusta House Dungeon, 2016 Photo courtesy of Samantha Keay www.samanthakeay.com


Who are these guys?

Black Absinthe is a three piece band out of Toronto set on continuing the spread of Canadian Heavy Metal. That's the formal way of saying it anyways, to be more direct: music to headbang to! For us that comes out as songs that are rooted in the tradition of big riffs paired with contemporary Metal and a matching high energy live show.

Compounding heavy riffs and bass lines reminiscent of classic Thrash and New Wave British Heavy Metal with a range of Progressive to Classic Rock influences, Black Absinthe presents a solid example of the current Canadian rock band: road hungry, influenced and supported by other driven Canadian musicians, and most of all ready to innovate and grow the traditions of a genre they venerate and respect.




Jack Cerre
 Lead Vocals/Guitar

Austin Henderson

Kyle Scarlett